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Estamos enamorados de Sevilla, y queremos mostrárselo, a quienes nos visitan, de forma ecológica.

No doubt here: electric mobility will save the world and that is why we want you to discover the culture of Seville while taking care of our capital by choosing Eco Turismo 100% Electric.

Our mission is to take visitors around the city in an ecological and sustainable way. Seville is the most beautiful city in Europe and our mission is to take care of it. Our smooth, 100% electric, pollution-free vehicles will show you the city as you've never seen it before and help improve the environment of our city.

Inspired by positive energy, we have created the most special and exciting travel experiences aboard these "green" vehicles.

A perfect ecological way to visit the old part of Seville, especially if you have children who do not walk long distances easily. Enjoy the most beautiful places with our Eco Turismo 100% Electric

We will introduce you to the urban environment of the city led by our guide, he is fascinating and he is crazy about Seville, he will be commenting on his buildings and his most hidden anecdotes throughout the journey.

Tf.: +34 647 73 09 80 / +34 644 905 692


  • Ruta rosa. Sevilla Histórica
  • Ruta azul. Calles de Sevilla
  • Ruta verde. Ruta rosa + ruta azul


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